Second Hand Horology

We strive to be more than just simply another site selling watches. We consider ourselves to be unique in the marketplace, in that we are a “brand” devoted to the preservation of pre-owned, historic, and vintage wristwatches. We strive to offer pre owned timepieces that are as close to “new” as possible, even if they are 120+ years old. Sometimes we leave the physical appearance as we found them, other times we use one of the best dial restoration companies to literally bring a watch back to new cosmetically. You will find numerous example of both types of product on our website. We view it as our mission to preserve these beautiful pieces of history for future generations, and should you encounter any issues with your purchase from us, we will do our best to rectify it as quickly as possible.

Our Story

Stephen Brown, the founding member of Second Hand Horology, has been a collector and hobbyist for nearly 20 years. Over the years, his passions shifted towards collecting, maintaining, and restoring vintage Swiss and American timepieces. He believed that there was actually a market for such pieces and services, but was very secure in his career, When the Covid pandemic struck, he, along with partner Genesis Sequera, lost their jobs during same week. At this point, after many lengthy conversations, they divided to jump feet first in to turning this dream in to a reality. They shared their vision with close friend and confidant, Michael Schoenberg, and he soon joined them with the mission to create a “brand” devoted to becoming the number one name in vintage and pre-owned timepieces, putting quality and preservation of history above all, with the exception of providing customer service Since that time, we have experienced explosive growth and a greater desire to expand and improve.

Our Approach

We network heavily, as well as travel the entire county to find high quality pre owned timepieces that are worthy of repair and restoration. The vast majority of our pieces have been out of production for many, many years, and as such, are becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain a good running example of. Once we find pieces, we do the necessary steps to breathe new life in to these historic pieces to not only bring you joy, but hopefully joy to generations yet to come. In the unlikely event that you are satisfied with on of our products, we will do our best to satisfy you, our customer. Unlike many dealers, we aim to develop ongoing relationships with the wonderful people whom are involved in this lifestyle. We already have many repeat customers, and we look forward to you becoming a member of our family. As our inventory constantly changes and involves, we will also work with you on trade up programs when you feel it is time to upgrade, and also offer servicing options for not only the items you’ve acquired from us, but elsewhere as well.

Behind The Scenes

We work very hard to source inventory and do what it takes to continue to provide great product and customer service. We never stop networking and making connections to ensure that we can acquire parts, and provide service. As we have grown, it’s become necessary to contract with outside third parties for service work. You can rest assured that the timepiece you are acquiring has been gone through with care and any areas of concern have been addressed. We have also partnered with one of the best names in dial restoration in the industry. We will ALWAYS note in our listing if a dial is original or has been refinished.

Authentic Timepieces

We are also very accessible, so feel free to drop us a line - we look forward to hearing from you. Sometimes we are unable to immediately answer a phone call, but we will always return calls, messages, and emails.

Stephen Brown

Steve is a 20+ year collector of fine and historic timepieces, with a background of 22 years in sales, internet sales management, finance, and sales management. He is a proud father of two teenage daughters, and also has interests in automobile racing, wood working, fabrication, and is an audiophile. At Second Hand Horology, Steve manages customer service, movement servicing, parts sourcing, and the outsourcing of restoration services, and photography.

Genesis Sequera

Genesis is a Venezuelan immigrant whom is very proud to be fulfilling her dream of becoming an American business woman. She has been involved in the watch industry for two years, and is an integral part of our team. By training and trade, she is an Industrial Engineer and developed her work experience in her country and in Argentina with a Masters in Economics. She is our organizational backbone, and is capable of handling nearly every aspect of the business, with the exception of movement service, though she is learning. The vast majority of model history research that you will find in our listings is done by her. Her other duties involve inventory control and management, creation of listings, record keeping, photography, case cleaning, and shipping.

Michael Schoenberg

Mike is a long time friend of Steve, and has always admired this history and intricacy behind mechanical wristwatches. Outside of the industry, Mike is employed as a financial services manager in the automotive industry, and has been for 15 years. Mike enjoys summers boating on the Rock River, bike riding, rock climbing, and working out. Mike is involved in our finance, inventory, marketing, and the majority of our social media posts.
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