#WeddingWatchChallenge !?!?!? Can Genesis pull it off?


Inspired by the viral project "One Red Paperclip", wherein a woman embarks on a journey to trade one red paper clip for other items of value, eventually ending with a NEW HOME, Genesis had an idea - While at the Mid America NAWCC show, I brought over a very nice, serviced, vintage Automatic Omega KM6312 from 1969 that was offered to me by one of our industry friends. She said she liked it. She then handed me the money for it from her wallet, and said, "This is my watch - it doesn't belong to Second Hand Horology. I'm going to take this beautiful (or in Genesis' language, "George-ous") Omega, sell or trade it, and work my way up the ladder just like the lady in the "One Red Paperclip" project, and use THIS watch to pay for our entire wedding."

The amount of confidence in her voice was very convincing, and I knew she meant business. When she sets her mind to a goal, seldomly does she not meet or exceed it. "Fair enough, but this is your baby - I'll support you in any way I can, but all negotiating, sellling, trading, is in your hands" I said to her. Not because I don't want to help, but because I have a very bad habit of getting involved in a project and taking over....

If you're interested in following her journey, we are sharing it on Youtube (SecondHandHorology), TikTok (SecondHandHorology), Instagram (second_hand_horology), and Facebook (Second Hand Horology THE GALLERIA), and to see the photos of her "George-us" Omega, click he red button below!

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